Central Bank warns of scams related to receivables

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The increase in the number of queries about false messages related to the Values ​​Receivable system led the Central Bank (BC) to issue an alert. The monetary authority recommended a series of measures to avoid falling into scams.

According to the BC, citizen assistance services have received a volume four times greater than the average of queries about untrue information. According to the monetary authority, most of the false messages have been circulating on the internet in recent days.

The first tip concerns messages received via WhatsApp to redeem values ​​forgotten at the Central Bank immediately via PIX. In this case, the agency directs citizens to ignore the content of the messages and not to click on links.

These links, informed the BC, steal passwords on social networks and can install viruses and spy programs on the user’s cell phone. Official information on amounts receivable and on querying the system are disclosed only on the Central Bank website and on the agency’s official networks, never via messaging applications or SMS.

The Central Bank clarified that the consultation of forgotten values ​​has been suspended since April. Despite financial institutions starting to send data again in January, the reopening of consultations and withdrawals continues without a return forecast. In December, BC announced that, when the system works again, it will allow withdrawal by heirs and legal representatives of the deceased.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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