Deadline to request exemption from Enade ends on January 20

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Until January 20, the deadline for requesting exemption from the National Student Performance Examination (Enade) 2022 test is open. the reason for the absence. In both situations, it is necessary to prove the reason for the absence, through documentation, according to the requirements set forth in the public notice. The exam was applied on November 27 across the country.

Even requesting the waiver of the test, it is necessary to fill out the Student Questionnaire. In the list of situations foreseen as justifications for being absent from the exam are: accident, assault, marriage, loss, loss, theft or theft of an identification document, mourning, issues related to health, maternity or paternity, in addition to professional commitments and deprivation of liberty.

Students who were eliminated on the day of the exam for failing to comply with safety standards (such as not turning off their cell phones during the test) will not be able to request a test waiver.

According to the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (INEP), cases of absence for personal or professional reasons must be registered by students and analyzed by the respective course coordinators. Inep will evaluate cases of absence due to academic commitments linked to the evaluated course.


In addition to requests for waiver of the test, course coordinators can still register, in the Enade System, statements referring to students who were not enrolled in the foreseen period; they were no longer informed by the institution about their enrollment; they did not have a correct indication of the face-to-face support pole; did not have their exam municipality changed as a result of academic mobility; or were entered incorrectly.

Orders and analysis

Persons with a waiver request granted will be automatically regularized with regard to Enade 2022, provided that they have no pending issues regarding the Student Questionnaire. The list of regulars can be checked, in the Enade System, by course coordinators and institutional educational attorneys.

The period for analysis and deliberation on requests runs until January 27th. It is up to the course coordinator to analyze the students’ requests and, to Inep, the requests made by the institutions.


Held annually by Inep, Enade is one of the components of the National Higher Education Assessment System (Sinaes). Enrollment is mandatory for freshmen and graduates of bachelor’s, higher technology and undergraduate courses related to the evaluated areas.

The exam assesses the performance of students who completed undergraduate courses in relation to the syllabus provided in the curricular guidelines, the development of skills and abilities necessary for deepening general and professional training, in addition to the level of updating of students in relation to the Brazilian reality and worldwide.

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