Rains have already caused 13 deaths in Minas and firefighters are looking for the missing person

The state of Minas Gerais accounts for 13 deaths since the beginning of the rainy season, at the end of November. The number rose with the confirmation of three deaths in Antônio Dias and two in Grão Mogol, as a result of the rainfall recorded over the weekend. According to the Civil Defense bulletin, 8,854 people are homeless or displaced throughout the state.

In Antônio Dias, in the Rio Doce Valley, a landslide on a hillside yesterday morning (25) hit four homes in the rural area. The bodies of three women were found. There is still a 12-year-old missing. In addition, 11 victims were rescued alive by firefighters, of which three are still hospitalized.

The search for the teenager continues. According to the Fire Department, work in Antônio Dias will only be interrupted if there is any risk for the teams. Last night, 36 men were engaged in rescue activities.

In Grão Mogol, in the North of Minas, a vehicle with a family was dragged on Saturday night (24) after the water volume of a stream rose. The episode also took place in a rural area. A 9-year-old child and her 34-year-old mother died. The other two occupants were a 14-year-old teenager and his 55-year-old father, who was driving the vehicle. Both were rescued by police and taken to a hospital in the region.

In the last ten days, deaths were also recorded in Governador Valadares, where a man was the victim of a landslide; in Presidente Bernardes, where an elderly woman was carried by a creek that overflowed; and in Inhapim, where a 25-year-old young man was struck by lightning. At the beginning of the month, an elderly man drowned in Bertópolis, after his home was invaded by rainwater, while a teenager was swept away by floodwaters in Vespasiano and a man lost his life when he was buried with the collapse of part of his house in Santa Luzia.

Another two elderly deaths were recorded in November. One of them, a resident of Bom Jesus do Galho, was taken by the force of the waters. He lived in the center of the city and a stream that passed in the back of his house overflowed. In Piraúba, the victim was hit by a wall that collapsed under the force of a hailstorm.

Complications arising from the large volume of rain have already led 104 municipalities in Minas Gerais to declare an emergency situation. According to the Fire Department, in the last 24 hours, 68 calls were answered related to precipitation throughout the state.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News