Elected government will carry out new administrative reform, informs transition

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The elected government intends to discard the current administrative reform proposal and replace it with another one, informed today (6) the Transition Cabinet. According to the Planning, Budget and Management working group, the readjustments to civil servants will be gradual, because the 2023 Budget does not have room for a total recovery of salary losses accumulated in seven years.

Regarding administrative reform, economist and former Federal Budget Secretary Esther Dweck, a member of the working group, informed that Congress will need to approve the removal of the current text from the procedure. This is because the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution 32 (PEC 32) was even approved by some committees of the Chamber of Deputies.

According to Esther, the current proposal will be replaced by a text “with a new vision”. “The two GTs [grupos técnicos]Planning and Work, understand that this [retirada da proposta atual] it is a fair demand, given that PEC 32 began with a completely different vision of the State than what we understand would be the Brazilian State needed to fulfill everything that the president [eleito] Lula would like to do”, he said.

“In our understanding, from the WGs, this is a fair agenda. Understanding that it has already gone through a commission, then, even if the president [eleito Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva] agree with us, he has no power to withdraw the current proposal”, he added.

Esther said that the working group received representatives from the Permanent National Forum of State Typical Careers (Fonacate) a few days ago. According to her, the civil servants asked the elected government to withdraw the administrative reform in process and re-discuss the issue.


Regarding the salary recomposition of civil servants, former senator and former minister Aloizio Mercadante, coordinator of the Transition Cabinet, reported that it is impossible to replace all salary losses in 2023. “In the case of the Executive, we will have to think about this replacement of losses as a gradual process. There is no way to make a movement to repair these seven years in the first days of the next government. There will be no conditions for this. We have to be transparent,” he said.

The readjustment to civil servants, informed Mercadante, will only be discussed after the approval of the 2023 Budget. According to him, this is necessary because the elected government does not know the fiscal space it will have to grant increases to civil servants. “We will wait for the approval of the Budget and see what margin we will have in relation to the readjustment of servers”, he justified.

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From Brazil, by EBC News

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