Caged: Brazil generates 159,000 formal jobs in October

Brazil created 159,454 jobs in October, the result of 1,789,462 admissions and 1,630,008 formal job terminations. In the accumulated result for this year, the balance is 2,320,252 new workers in the formal market. The data are from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, which released today (29) the Monthly Formal Employment Statistics, the New Caged.

The stock of formal jobs in the country, which is the total number of active CLTs, reached 42,998,607 in October, which represents an increase of 0.37% in relation to the previous month.

For the Minister of Labor and Social Security, José Carlos Oliveira, the result “gives the possibility to dream” of closing the year with more than 2.5 million jobs created. “It is a joy, once again we see that our economy is on the right path. We, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, thank all businessmen and entrepreneurs who believe and invest in the Brazilian market.

Last month, the balance of jobs was positive in four of the five groups of economic activities: services, with 91,294 jobs distributed mainly in information, communication and financial, real estate, professional and administrative activities; trade, with a positive balance of 49,356 posts; industry, with 14,891 new jobs, concentrated in the manufacturing industry; and construction, with over 5,348 jobs created.

The sector of agriculture, livestock, forest production, fishing and aquaculture closed 1,435 formal jobs, due to the seasonality of the activity.

According to the ministry, the months of October are generally not months of great prominence in hiring, they are months that have seasonality, months of transition to the end of the year, of reduction in industry and heating up in commerce. Trade hiring starts to appear more strongly next month.

Across the country, the average admission salary in October was R$1,932. Compared to the previous month, there was a real decrease of R$ 7.28 in the average admission salary, a negative variation of 0.38%.

by region

All regions of the country had a positive balance in job creation last month, with an increase in formal work in 26 of the 27 states. The drop occurred in Amapá, with the closure of 499 stations, 0.65% of the state’s total, affected by the seasonality of mineral extraction.

In relative terms, the states with the greatest change in job creation in relation to the stock of the previous month are Alagoas, with the opening of 4,335 jobs (1.11%); Roraima, which created 525 jobs (0.75%); and Amazonas, with a positive balance of 3,463 stations (0.72%).

The states with the lowest relative change in jobs in October, compared to September, are Mato Grosso, which created 911 jobs, an increase of 0.11%; Goiás, with a positive balance of 1,010, up 0.07%; and Amapá, which ended last month with 3,463 fewer formal jobs, down 0.65%.

In absolute terms, the Federation Units with the highest balance last month were São Paulo, with 60,404 jobs (0.46%); Rio Grande do Sul, with 13,853 vacancies created (0.52%); and Paraná, with the generation of 10,525 jobs (0.36%). The states with the lowest absolute balance were Rondônia, with 617 jobs (0.24%); Roraima, with 525 new vacancies (0.75%); and Amapá, which closed 499 places (-0.97%).

Complete Novo Caged statistics are available on the Ministry of Labor and Social Security website.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News