Alzirão Festival, one of the most traditional during the World Cup, is suspended in Rio

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For the first time since 1978, the Alzirão party will not be held, which includes exhibitions of Brazil‘s World Cup games and concerts. It is promoted on the corner of Alzira Brandão and Conde de Bonfim streets, in Tijuca, north of Rio de Janeiro.

Alzirão is one of the most traditional meeting points for fans in the World Cups. The party has been held for 44 years and brings together more than 12,000 fans at each game of the Brazilian football team. The first match of the Brazilian team will be this Thursday (24th), at 4 pm, against Serbia.

The cancellation was published on Alzirão’s social networks by the organization of the party. In a note, the website informed that “the lack of sponsors resulted in the absence of one of the biggest strongholds of Brazilian fans during the Cup. On behalf of the board of the recreational and cultural association Turma do Alzirão, we unfortunately inform you that we will not be holding our traditional street party. Without sponsorship it is not possible. We apologize to our loyal audience, who relied on our event to cheer for the 2022 World Cup team and we thank those who collaborated to try to hold the party,” he added.


The creator and organizer of the Alzirão events, Guilherme Teixeira, said that he is going to court today (21) with an injunction to try to hold the party in Tijuca. He informed – through social networks – that the election for the board of Alzirão, on the eve of the World Cup, was rigged.

In disrespect to the statute, “they called for an election for a certain date and place, and held it secretly, on another date and place, without the presence of the organizing partners of Alzirão. Finally, they recorded this fraud in the form of minutes and wandered around pretending to be event organizers,” he explained.

He also said that the cancellation of the party has nothing to do with lack of sponsorship, and, yes, due to what he calls fraud.

By means of a note, the Subprefecture of Grande Tijuca clarified that it always supports and supports all promotions in the region “that are regularized, structured and meet the requirements of public bodies for the holding of any event with organization and security”.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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