Transition team receives reports from TCU

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The vice-president-elect and general coordinator of the transition team, Geraldo Alckmin, received this Wednesday (16) a set of four reports from the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) with inspections and evaluations on public policies of the federal government. The information had been requested from TCU by the transition team last week.

“What is not measured is not well managed. It is very important to have all these numbers and evaluations”, said the vice-president-elect during a press conference alongside TCU president, Bruno Dantas, who presented the reports.

Among the documents delivered is a high-risk report prepared by the TCU, which consolidates 24 inspections by the court of accounts, identifying various risks in government programs, such as vulnerability to fraud, waste, abuse of authority, mismanagement, among others. “We consolidate information ranging from the payment of social programs to the operation of environmental policies, for example, such as the fight against deforestation”, stated Dantas.

The president of the TCU also pointed out that, among the fiscal challenges of the future government, is that of dealing with tax exemptions for economic sectors, which doubled over two decades.

Brazil, today, has more than 4% of its Gross Domestic Product [PIB, soma dos bens e serviços do país] committed to tax exemptions. This is double what President Lula found in 2002, when he assumed the Presidency of the Republic for the first time. At that time, only 2% of GDP was committed to tax breaks. Today, we’re talking twice as much. We have almost BRL 400 billion in tax exemptions and, evidently, in a context of fiscal crisis, it is money that is sorely needed”, he said.

Other reports delivered this Wednesday bring assessments on social benefit payments totaling BRL 271 billion and other emergency credit access programs during the fight against the pandemic totaling BRL 61 billion.

“Among the conclusions we reached with this analysis carried out by TCU’s external control federal auditors is that the Bolsa Família program, due to its design and enforceability criteria, is the one that most efficiently achieves the objective of combating poverty and reduce social inequality”, highlighted Bruno Dantas.

working groups

During the press conference, Geraldo Alckmin informed that, so far, 14 people have been appointed to the thematic work groups of the transition team. In all, the legislation allows the appointment, in remunerated commissioned positions, of up to 50 people. This limit will be respected, assured the vice-president, despite the announcement of around 150 names so far to compose the WGs.

“We are not going to exceed 50 nominees. So far, 14 nominees have been nominated. We have a lot of volunteers, which is very good, because we have more participation. What we have are some who are away from federal bodies, such as AGU and Ipea, and volunteer people” .

Still according to Alckmin, the 31 thematic groups announced by the transition team do not exactly mean the number of ministries that will be created in the new government structure design, but it is something close. “It is not mandatory for each technical group to have a corresponding ministry. But they are very close, it is not exactly the same. They are the areas of greatest concern and commitment in public policies”, he indicated.

By December 10th, the transition team must publish the final report with the diagnoses made in the period. The report must contain information such as the structure and organization of the government, main problems, contracts in progress and emergency measures that must be taken at the beginning of the next government.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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