Rubber bales are found on Ilha Comprida, in São Paulo

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Inspectors from the Area of ​​Relevant Ecological Interest of the Ilha Comprida Wildlife Zone (Arie ZVS), in São Paulo, and from Fundação Florestal, are evaluating where to send the 21 bales of rubber found along the 74 kilometers (km) of the beach of Ilha Comprida in the last two days. The objects were washed ashore by the tide and were spotted during regular inspections carried out in the region. The material was collected and taken to the entity‘s base.

According to the manager of Arie SVS and a member of the Forestry Foundation, Marco Aurélio Oliveira, the material does not pose a risk to humans or the environment. He also said that similar bundles were found in the Prelado State Park (Costão da Jureia, in Iguape), in the Itinguçú State Park (Peruibe) and in Itanhaem.

“We still don’t know the origin of this material. What we already know is that the bales are the same as packages that appeared in the Northeast in 2018 and that are already being researched. Until then, no resident or fisherman had informed about the appearance of this type of material”, said Oliveira.

Before being sure what the bales were, inspectors used personal protective equipment (PPE) to remove the packages.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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