Parties congratulate Lula’s victory and cite democracy

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Several parties issued notes congratulating the candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the second round of the presidential elections. The captions cited the commitment to democracy and suggested proposals to bring back peace to the country.

“We greet President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. May he be able to pacify the country, and advance in agendas for more jobs and income”, highlighted the MDB in a note signed by the president of the party, deputy Baleia Rossi (SP). The text also congratulated the victory of the re-elected governor of Alagoas, Paulo Dantas, and the vice governors of the party Gabriel Souza (RS) and Geraldo Júnior (BA).

Caption of the presidential candidate Ciro Gomes, who came in fourth place in the first round, the PDT said that the victory will bring hope for the future for children and young people. “Today democracy won! We can believe in a better future for the children and young people of our Brazil! Long live democracy!”, posted the party account on the social network Twitter.

In a statement, the PSOL assessed that Lula had a respectable vote and that the victory represents a defeat for the extreme right and for the secret budget. “More than 60 million votes for democracy!!! Must respect! Let fascism get ready, because democracy won!!!!”, posted the party on social media. “Democracy won: Lula president!”

The PSDB-Citizenship Federation greeted Lula and asked for a commitment to reunify the country. “The president now has the difficult mission of unifying a divided country with serious social problems to be overcome. Without repeating the mistakes of the past, he will need dialogue and responsibility to govern”, wrote the Federation president, deputy Bruno Araújo (PSDB-PE).

Opposition parties to the future government also demonstrated. The presidential candidate for the New Party, Felipe D’Ávila, defeated in the first round, greeted the elected president and informed that he intends to exercise opposition responsibly.

“I congratulate Lula on the victory. Now, it remains for us to play the role of opposition to the new government. I will continue to defend the values, principles and proposals that I presented throughout the presidential campaign: relentless fight against populism, defense of the free economy, eradication of extreme poverty, priority for basic education, struggle to transform Brazil into an environmental power”, wrote D. ‘The village.

“Our government program will continue to guide our actions, proposals and political positioning in this difficult journey that Brazil will have to make in the next four years. You can always expect from me what I showed in the campaign: courage, coherence and perseverance to fight for the Brazil we want”, added the former candidate for the New Party.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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