Registration of composers grows 55% in five years, says Ecad

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Today (7) is celebrated the day of the Brazilian composer, the one who is responsible for creating a musical work, be it a new lyrics, a new melody or even both.

To commemorate the date, the Central Office for Collection and Distribution (Ecad) carried out a survey on composers using its database.

The survey found that, in the last five years, there was a 55% growth in the number of national composers registered in one of seven music associations: Associação Brazileira de Música e Artes, Associação de Músicos, Arranjadores e Regents, Associação de Intérpretes and Musicians, Brazilian Society of Music Authors, Composers and Writers, Independent Society of Music Composers and Authors, Brazilian Society for the Administration and Protection of Intellectual Rights and Brazilian Union of Composers.

Most are from the Southeast

Most (62%) are from the Southeast region, followed by the Northeast (16%). Then come the South (11%), the Midwest (8%) and the North (2%). In 10% of the cases it was not possible to identify the region because the composers did not provide this information.

According to the Ecad study, each month, on average, 100,000 new national and foreign musical works are registered in the collective management of music in Brazil. Currently, the institution said, more than 17 million songs are part of this register, more than double what existed five years ago, when there were about eight million.

These songs are registered with the seven music associations that manage Ecad and this is how composers and artists are able to guarantee their copyright for public performance.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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