MPRJ evaluates whether to file a complaint in case of vote buying in the interior

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The process of a reserve military police officer and his wife, accused of buying votes for candidates for federal deputy and state deputy, in the municipality of Três Rios, in the center-south of Rio de Janeiro, will be referred to the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ). ), which will decide whether to file a complaint. The candidate for federal deputy was elected, but the candidate at the state level was not.

In custody hearings held this Thursday (6), Judge Ana Carolina Gantois, from the 40th Electoral Zone (Três Rios), converted the arrest in the act of the two, which took place during an operation that carried out search and seizure warrants at the residence, into preventive custody. of the couple.

According to the Regional Electoral Court of Rio de Janeiro (TRE-RJ), seven of the nine people arrested in the operation made a non-prosecution agreement, replacing the criminal process with other forms of reparation for the damage caused, such as providing services to the community. One of the prisoners did not agree to make the deal, claiming that he was just passing through the place at the time of the execution of the warrant. As he was already responding to a lawsuit, the ninth person was not entitled to the agreement.

TRE-RJ also informed that, as the process has already passed through the Electoral Court, the progress now depends on a decision by the Public Ministry.

According to the Secretary of State for the Military Police, in the operation this Wednesday (5), which had the support of military police officers from the 38th BPM (Três Rios) to fulfill the mandates determined by the Electoral Justice, money was seized in cash, that would be used in the payment; original voter registration cards; copies of voting papers; voting slips; envelopes containing voter data and a notebook.

“The 7th Military Judicial Police Precinct (DPJM) was called to monitor the occurrence”, added the secretary.

The report of Brazil Agency could not contact the couple’s defense.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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