SP: Exhibition allows public interaction with renowned artists

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Art as a great game. This is the proposal of the new exhibition on display at the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS-SP), in the capital of São Paulo, which allows the visitor to touch, experiment and play with all the works.

The idea is that the public can interact with the art objects, instigating their creativity and giving new meanings to the works produced by renowned Brazilian artists such as Regina Silveira, Beatriz Milhazes, Denilson Baniwa, Ernesto Neto, Guto Lacaz, Hélio Oiticica, Lenora de Barros and Lygia Clark, among others.

“We really believe in the transforming power of art,” said Têra Queiroz, one of the curators of the Arte é Bom exhibition, which starts today (6th) and runs until December 11th.

“It’s an exhibition to be touched, moved, lived, in short, it’s for people to relate to each other as children relate to everything”, added Daniela Thomas, who is also the curator of the show.

The visit begins outside the MIS, where the works Múltiplas Infâncias, by Rommulo Vieira Conceição, and Risadas Cósmicas, by the artist Marcos Chaves, can be found. The latter is represented by an immense meteorite, from which many laughs come out.

Inside, but still on the ground floor, the route begins with the fun work Giroscopia, by Artur Lescher, similar to the gira gira in children’s playgrounds. She is the one who will welcome the visitor, before he can dress up with the crochet works by Ernesto Neto or put on the masks or different glasses created by Lygia Clark – and in which you find your own eyes reflected in the mirror.

The largest space in the show, a circular room, was dedicated to the work of Regina Silveira. It is there that the public will come across giant insects projected on the floor and walls, which react to the movement of visitors. “They are gigantic insects, projected by five cameras that react to the movement of the user inside the room. They disappear when stepped on and pop on the walls. When popping on the walls, they cause the soundtrack to multiply. And that gets quite intolerable, but that’s the idea,” said the artist, in an interview with Brazil Agency.

Elevador, by the artist Marcia Xavier, intends to take the visitor to have their image reflected on the rivers of São Paulo. “It is a cabin lined with mirrors on the floor and walls and, on the ceiling, we have an aerial image of São Paulo where we see the meeting of the waters of the Pinheiros River with the Tietê River. This place is called Cebolão, because viaducts were created for us to travel between the rivers. I took this aerial image and turned it into black and white and then red, to turn rivers and streets into blood and veins,” the artist explained to the report. The idea of ​​the work, said Marcia Xavier, is to discuss how much we fail to take care of such a precious asset to life, such as rivers and waters. “This work makes us think about these waters,” she said.

On the second floor, visitors can try to balance objects with magnets or even make their own wall painting. Here is also the work 360, by Arnaldo Antunes, in which the visitor will come across a door attached to a central axis: whoever tries to open the door ends up going around the object, without being able to cross it.

“It is important to have an entire exhibition open for manipulation because I think we can get more inside the children. We are not just in a clash, art in one place and children in another. Here we melt. If the child incorporates that, it ends up becoming a transformation product”, said Marcia Xavier.

In addition to the works, MIS-SP will promote workshops, performances and guided visitors to the exhibition. The complete schedule, as well as details about the exhibition, times and tickets can be obtained at site. On Tuesdays, the museum has free admission.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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