Thronicke advocates non-lethal weapons for women and the elderly

The Union Brazil candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Soraya Thronicke, defended today (21) the use of non-lethal weapons for self-defense, mainly for women and the elderly. According to the candidate, the use of equipment, such as pepper spray, would give victims a greater chance of escaping the attackers.

“It is an effective means of defense used by the Army, by Public Security, which could be easily sold to anyone who wanted it, not only to women, but also to the elderly, who suffer violence at home”, said the candidate on her social networks. “That would allow you to escape the attacker with enough time. I would feel safer,” she added.

The União Brazil candidate’s agenda today included interviews for Super Rádio (FM 91.7), for the newspaper O Tempo, in Minas Gerais, for TV Gazeta in São Paulo, for Valor Econômico and for Portal N1 Entretenimento.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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