Farmers have a personalized profile on the platform

Farmers now have a personalized profile on the Portal, a platform that centralizes federal public services. The new space gathers information and services for this public, such as rural property registration, obtaining credits and financial support.

The new profile also includes requests for training and qualification, issuance of certificates, consultations with records and various requests for rural producers. For to have access to this area of ​​the site, there is no need to register or re-register. Just access the Portal and, under “Digital Services by Profile”, on the home page, click on the Farmer profile.

Among the most prominent services are access to and consultation with the Safra Guarantee, obtaining credit lines from the Terra Brazil Program, filling in the National Register of Family Farmers and access to the National Program for the Strengthening of Family Agriculture (Pronaf). In the future, the platform will offer the Family Farmer sub-profile, with services aimed at small producers.

Altogether, seven modules make up the Farmer profile: My rural property; Obtain credits and benefits; Training in the field; Production and storage; Innovation and technology; My rights, denunciation and retirement; and Cooperative Living.

The platform now has six more user profiles: farmer, retiree, entrepreneur, worker, student and driver. By the end of the year, new user profiles will be added to the platform. The objective is to facilitate and speed up access to services of greatest interest to the target audience.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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