Fighter accused of beating 4-year-old stepson surrenders to police

Agents of the General Inspector’s Office of the Military Police of Niterói arrested, on the night of this Friday (16), the fugitive from justice Victor Arthur Pinho Possobom, 32 years old. He is accused of assaulting and suffocating his 4-year-old stepson, in Icaraí, south of Niterói, in February this year. The Civil Police had already made the arrest request yesterday morning and the Justice decreed the preventive detention of the boxer.

The crime took place in February this year, but the images were only released this Thursday (15). The manager of the building in Icaraí, where the accused lived with the child’s ex-partner and mother, had presented the videos with the aggressions against the child to the Guardianship Council and the neighborhood police station in February, but nothing was done against the child. the aggressor. According to a complaint from the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ), on the afternoon of February 20, Possobom subjected his stepson “to intense and unnecessary physical and mental suffering, as a way of applying personal punishment or a preventive measure”. The MPRJ also says that “there was use of violence, consisting of attacks through punches and suffocation sessions, including pressing the minor’s head against the elevator wall”.

After information passed by the Inspector General of the PM about an open arrest warrant against the accused, agents from the 4th Military Justice Police Station went to the address provided, making contact with family members and initiating negotiations for the presentation of the accused. At the appointed time, he surrendered at the headquarters of the Judiciary Police, in Niterói, and was taken to the 77th police station, in Icaraí, where he was instructed to present the case to the 76th DP, in downtown Niterói.

There was an arrest warrant against Victor Possobom, issued by the 1st Criminal Court of Niterói, for the crime of mistreatment against his 4-year-old stepson. Victor’s arrest was ordered by Judge Juliana Bessa Ferraz Krykhtine. The magistrate also accepted the complaint of torture offered by the State Public Ministry, noting that there is sufficient evidence of authorship and materiality for the initiation of the criminal action and that it is a serious crime.

“The images contained in the media secured by a notary’s office leave no doubt. It must be recognized that the authorship was clearly indicted, as well as evidence of criminal materiality regarding the practice of criminal conduct. There is a clear physical superiority of the defendant in relation to the victim, which in itself already demonstrates the cruelty of the conduct and the condition of fragility of the victim”, says the judge in the decision.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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