Caixa para Elas records 21 million hits in the first 30 days

The Caixa para Elas program, run by Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF), registered 21 million hits in the first 30 days. During this period, the bank recorded a 60% growth in credit card sales to women, in addition to accounting for six times more microcredit for women when compared to the previous month.

The balance sheet was released today (16) by Caixa’s vice president of Business and Retail, Thays Cintra Vieira. In an interview with the National Reporter, National Radio, she recalled that the bank’s proposal is to recognize, support and encourage female leadership. “We see today that women increasingly seek their financial independence”.

“We don’t just seek to offer products to them, we show them how they can open a CNPJ, for example, take financial education courses. That woman who today has a small business, is a resident or has a birthday party, we showed that she can have her CNPJ, she can learn a little about how to undertake and we bring the credit afterwards”, she explains.

Thays recalled that, once the woman obtains the CNPJ of the company itself, as a micro-entrepreneur, she has access to credit more easily and at much higher values. Caixa, according to the vice president of Business and Retail, appears in this scenario as a kind of ramp for growth.

“Today we have credits for that still informal entrepreneur, who can get R$1,000 or R$3,000. With this credit, she already invests in her business. A manicurist who wants to buy more supplies, nail polish, tools. The clientele increases, the business grows, they need more credit and we start to have a credit line with a higher value”, she said.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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