After complaints and audit, Ceperj extinguishes social programs

The State Center for Statistics, Research and Training of Public Servants of Rio (Ceperj) will terminate social programs and make a Management Adjustment Term (TAG) with the State Court of Auditors (TCE-RJ), to regularize the provision of payment accounts.

The Public Ministry of the State of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ) investigates irregularities in Ceperj, such as the accumulation of positions by public agents, lack of proof of the provision of contracted services, payments with bank orders and payments for services in deactivated centers, in addition to the sudden increase expenses at the agency.

In a note, Ceperj informed that the Special Commission for Auditing and Transparency, created by the Secretary of State for the Civil House to investigate the foundation’s agreements and contracts, concluded the preliminary report yesterday (14).

“The document presents measures to correct the management of the programs, taking into account judicial decisions, manifestations of the Court of Auditors and also the recommendations of the Public Ministry, to guarantee the legal certainty of decisions in relation to the projects and programs analyzed”, said the Ceperj.

Among the actions to be adopted is the extinction of the Work and Income Agents programs; Sport Gift; Consumer’s House; Culture for All; Resolve RJ and Junta near you. “Administrative measures will be carried out immediately, with the revocation of acts of decentralization of funds and the formalization of the cancellation of the terms of cooperation, in addition to the establishment of the final accountability procedure”, informed the body.

The foundation will also set up account taking processes to regularize the situation of centers of the Esporte Presente project that are not functioning or disabled and of people who live in other states and have not demonstrated that they have provided the contracted service.

Ceperj will write a Management Adjustment Term (TAG) to regularize the management and clarify the issues raised by the external control.

The Secretary of State for Labor and Income will have to present the administrative processes for the provision of services of labor and income agents hired from January to July 2022.

“The Special Audit and Transparency Commission will forward to the secretariats and entities responsible for the projects all cases in which justifications were not identified that prove the regularity of the accumulation of public positions by employees, so that disciplinary administrative procedures can be established”, informed the foundation. .

The report suggests that the projects Scenarios for the homeless and/or social vulnerability of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Observatório de Coordination Politica do Pacto RJ be brought to an early end, after full compliance with the reports and expected products.

“Due to the importance of the social assistance policies developed by the government so far, and so that the service to the population is not harmed, studies will be carried out for the development of new projects, activities or programs that have a similar purpose to those being extinguished. This study will reformulate the programs, so that everyone follows the guidelines of the Justice and recommendations of the Public Ministry from the beginning of the development of the activities”, informed the agency.

According to Ceperj, all the determinations stipulated by the commission were ratified by orders from the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Cláudio Castro.


The Public Ministry of the State of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ) and the Court of Auditors of the State (TCE-RJ) sent this week to Justice a list with more than 250 names of city hall and other municipal bodies in the capital who received Ceperj payments from September to December 2021.

According to the MPRJ, “several civil servants who have links with the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, effective and extra-cadres, assigned to various agencies and entities were identified as recipients of Ceperj resources”.

The list includes employees from agencies such as Comlurb, Municipal Department of Sport and Leisure, education coordinators, Municipal Health Department, Public Health Company, Riotur, Municipal Guard, Rioluz, Riocentro, Riourbe, among others, in addition to the city hall itself and the State Military Fire Department.

In the period surveyed, Banco Bradesco informed the MPRJ that payments totaling R$ 24 million were made. Almost all the amounts were withdrawn in cash, some beneficiaries used them for various payments on their own account and others made transfers.

The TCE-RJ reported that the processes in progress in the body will only be made public after analysis by the plenary.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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