Protests erupt in Haiti over fuel price hike

Residents of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, took shelter at home on Tuesday, as gunfire, roadblocks and burning tires filled the city’s streets, and protesters threw stones in an angry response to further increases in fuel prices and crime.

The latest demonstrations come as inflation in the country hit its highest level in a decade, chronic gang violence has left much of the territory outside government control and outbreaks of bloody battles between rival gangs have left hundreds dead and thousands displaced. .

The start of the school year has been delayed by a month until October as parents struggle to make ends meet and the daily lives of countless Haitians are marked by a seemingly never-ending search for fuel. Meanwhile, commuting costs have risen, as have the prices of many staple foods.

Haitians are now bracing for fuel price hikes following a speech on Sunday by Prime Minister Ariel Henry, amid growing shortages of gasoline and diesel that could force some businesses to close.

Videos circulating on social media highlight the situation. One shows a man trying to ride a motorcycle down a blocked street, while another hits him with rocks until he topples over. The man hobbles to his feet and faces his attacker, when the video is interrupted.

Another video shows dozens of Haitians scattering down the street after the sound of gunfire, then switches to scenes of people being tended to after apparently sustaining gunshot wounds.

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Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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