Ukraine presses to retake all Russian-occupied land

Ukraine said on Tuesday it intended to liberate all of its territory after driving out Russian forces in the country’s northeast in a rapid offensive, but urged the West to speed up deliveries of weapons systems to support the advance. .

Since Moscow abandoned its main stronghold in northeastern Ukraine on Saturday, in its worst defeat since the early days of the war, Ukrainian troops have recaptured dozens of cities in a dramatic shift in battlefield layout.

Fighting is still raging in the Kharkiv region, Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar told Reuters, adding that Ukraine’s forces are making good progress, are highly motivated and their operation is well planned.

“The aim is to liberate the Kharkiv region and beyond – all territories occupied by the Russian Federation,” she said on the road to Balakliia, a crucial military supply center recaptured by Ukrainian forces late last week, which lies 74 kilometers to the southeast. of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city.

In a video speech on Monday, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said the West needed to speed up deliveries of weapons systems, urging Ukraine’s allies to “strengthen cooperation to defeat Russian terror”.

Since the February 24 invasion of Russia, Washington and its allies have provided Ukraine with billions of dollars in weapons that Kiev says have helped limit Moscow’s gains. Russian forces control about a fifth of the country in the south and east, but Ukraine is now on the offensive in both areas.

The Ukrainian military did not report any new advances today. They said Russian forces are bombing parts of the Kharkiv region retaken by Ukraine and attacking further south in the Donetsk region, which Moscow is trying to capture for separatists.

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