See the government program of presidential candidate Felipe D’Avila

The government program of presidential candidate Felipe D’Avila (Partido Novo) is divided into 10 goals. Entitled A new Brazil for all, the document lists measures for the environment as a priority in an eventual government. “We are keen to establish as the first goal of our set of proposals the transformation of Brazil into the first great nation on the planet with an economy fully adapted to the new zero carbon era”, says the text.

To reach the goal, the program proposes financial incentives for the planting of trees in up to 1.5 million small rural properties; the reforestation of 3 million hectares of degraded lands already affected by deforestation; the reduction of carbon emissions through the diversification of means of transport with the use of railways and waterways; the adoption of new technologies to make agriculture more sustainable; and the expansion of the use of biomass in energy production.

Economic guidelines are presented above all in goal number 2, which foresees the opening of the economy. According to the program, this process would be achieved by reducing taxes on imports, simplifying taxes, reducing bureaucracy at ports and airports, ending market reserves, seeking international trade agreements and changing legislation. labor.

Aspects related to the economy also appear later in other goals. One of them points to culture, tourism and the creative economy as drivers of development. Among the associated proposals are the creation of a National Council of Culture with self-regulatory characteristics for the sector and the mapping of activities with economic potential for directing public funding.

Legal and administrative proposals appear in goals 3 and 10. For example, the guarantee of autonomy and technical composition in regulatory agencies are mentioned; the creation of specialized courts in economic matters; increased transparency and availability of information; the restructuring of careers and salary policies in the public service; the change in the appointment process for the audit courts to prevent political appointments; strengthening of environmental inspection bodies; and the end of public funding for electoral campaigns.

Social questions

Social issues are addressed in a number of candidate program goals. Goal number 4 foresees the elimination of extreme poverty in four years. To this end, institutions dedicated to planning and analysis would be responsible for producing indicators capable of guiding public programs and expenditures. The resources could be obtained through the reduction of current expenses and the inflow of revenue from the privatization of public companies.

“Entrepreneurship should be seen as a strategy to overcome the condition of poverty”, adds the program.

D’Avila also wants to place Brazil among the 20 countries that have the best education systems in the world by 2030. According to goal 5, the candidate proposes support for measures by states and municipalities aimed at expanding full-time education; the stimulation of technical education in connection with the demands of the productive sector; the implementation of a performance bonus system; Internet access throughout the public network; in addition to a reform of public higher education that involves new processes for choosing deans and incentives for the self-financing of universities.

In health, the theme of goal 6, the program proposes the digitization of services to increase the efficiency of the system, the strengthening of telemedicine and professional qualification programs. D’Avila also defends new hiring modalities to encourage the private sector to work with the Unified Health System (SUS).

The candidate also has proposals for the fight against organized crime and corruption. Goal 7 includes the defense of autonomy in the Federal Police, imprisonment after a second instance decision, the end of the privileged forum, more severe penalties for political parties that practice slush funds in campaigns and greater control over weapons and ammunition.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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