Bicentennial of Independence was celebrated with TV Brazil

The coverage of the 7th of September by the EBC was successful on all platforms and ensured that Brazilians from all corners of the world attended the event.

In the 3 squares where the company regularly measures the TV audience, during the traditional transmission of the Brazilia parade, almost 1 million people watched on the TV screen. TV Brazil, considering only the DF, RJ and SP squares. This was the largest audience of the independence parade with measurable data in the 3 squares.

In Brazilia, the TV Brazil came to be in the 1st position in the square, where in the average of the period, it was in second place, with more than 4.3 audience points.

In Rio de Janeiro, with an average of 1.6 points and peaks above 2 points, it secured the 4th position.

People from São Paulo also closely followed the coverage and TV Brazil reached an average of almost 1 point.

It is worth mentioning that the parade also had transmission by National Public Communication Network (RNCP) and for all the country through the sign of TV Brazil on satellite and by the main cable operators.

In addition to TV, people were also able to follow the parade through the social networks of the vehicles of the EBC.

On YouTube, the video posted live has already had 510,000 views and nearly 12,000 shares. The channels that shared the video range from users to national news channels.

On Twitter, #TVBrazilno7 was among the main topics of the moment and had more than 3 thousand tweets.

TV: Kantar IBOPE Media | InstarAnalytics | Day 07/09, 2014 to 2022 | SP, RJ and DF | Rat% Dom and Cov# Ind and Dom | 6:30 am
Social Media: Buzzmonitor and YouTube Studio

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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