TSE confirms restriction of electoral propaganda with first lady

The plenary of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) unanimously maintained the time restriction for the appearance of First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro in the advertisements of the campaign for the reelection of President Jair Bolsonaro.

The trial was held in the virtual plenary, in a session that ended last night (5). With the decision, the plenary confirmed the decision of Minister Maria Claudia Bucchianeri who, last week, limited the time that Michelle could appear in radio and TV plays.

The decision is at the request of the MDB, the party of presidential candidate Simone Tebet. The caption opened a representation in the TSE claiming that, in one of the TV inserts, aired on TV Bandeirantes and TV Cultura on August 30, the first lady appears 100% of the time, which would be prohibited by electoral legislation.

Bucchianeri pointed out that the Law on Elections allows supporters to appear 25% of the time on radio and TV spots. The exception is only for presenters or interlocutors who lend their voice and image, on the condition that they do not bring a clear benefit to the candidate. The minister stressed that Michelle is “clearly” a supporter of her husband, which is why she is subject to the limitation.

The minister ordered the suspension of the advertising of the questioned advertising pieces and fixed a fine of R$ 10 thousand for each case of possible non-compliance with the decision.


The defense of the Pelo Bem do Brazil coalition, which supports the candidacy of Jair Bolsonaro, argued that changes promoted by the 2015 electoral reform relativized the idea of ​​supporter, a term that would be applied only to people running for some office in the elections and not to individuals. not even party members.

The restriction of the Elections Law could not be interpreted “as if it were a prohibitive norm intended to stifle electoral propaganda and political communication”, wrote the campaign lawyers.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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