EBC celebrates 100 years of Radio in concert at Theatro Municipal do Rio

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THE Brazil Communication Company (EBC) celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first official radio broadcast in Brazil at a special event at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro, next Wednesday (7), when the Bicentennial of Brazil‘s Independence is also celebrated. With presentation by Sidney Ferreira (Radio MEC) and Luciana Valle (National Radio), the celebration starts at 19:00.

“The first radio broadcast made in 1922 from stations installed in Rio de Janeiro, then the federal capital, revolutionized Brazilian communication and culture. Today, the vehicle maintains its relevance and remains in constant transformation. By integrating the national territory through information, good music and public utility broadcasting, radio stations managed by EBC write their history along with the history of radio broadcasts in the country”, highlights the president of EBCGlen Valente.

In the first part of the commemorative concert promoted by Radio MECthe Municipal Theater Orchestra interprets excerpts from The Guarani, by Carlos Gomes. Conducted by conductor Felipe Prazeres, the show features solos by tenor Eric Herrero and soprano Maria Gerk. On September 7, 1922, the same The Guarani was broadcast directly from the Municipal Theater, in commemoration of the centenary of the Independence of Brazil.

The UFF National Symphony leads the second and last part of the concert, with the interpretation of crying 6, by Heitor Villa-Lobos. Maestro Javier Logioia is the conductor of the orchestra. “It is a historic milestone for this secular house to celebrate the centenary of radio on our stage, in this beautiful partnership with EBC and on a date as emblematic as the 7th of September. It will be a very special night, with an exquisite program featuring works by Carlos Gomes and Heitor Villa-Lobos”, celebrates the president of Fundação Teatro Municipal, Clara Paulino.

During the break between the presentations, the Radio MEC conducts themed behind-the-scenes interviews. The public will be able to check the attraction live on Facebook, YouTube and twitter of the station and on Radios MEC and Nacional.

Also during the event at the Municipal Theater, Correios launched the stamp commemorating 100 years of Radio in Brazil. The novelty is part of the company’s initiative to issue stamps alluding to commemorative dates or historical facts relevant to the country.


The actions to promote the festivities already mobilize the Radio MEC since June, with the airing of interprograms of the series of 100 daily short-term productions for the date celebrated on September 7th.

With five minutes each, the interprograms about the centenary of radio in the country mix interviews and collection research to address various historical aspects related to the vehicle. The idea is to rescue outstanding personalities, programs and broadcasters present in the affective memory of listeners.

The original production is on air at Radio MEC every day at three times. The content is also broadcast by partner stations of the National Public Communication Network (RNCP) such as Rádio Inconfidência, in Belo Horizonte, and FM Cultura, in Porto Alegre. The programetes are also distributed by the National Radio Agency and are available to broadcasters who want to use them.

The locution of the interprograms is by journalist Claudia Bojunga. The professional of EBC is the great-granddaughter of Edgard Roquette-Pinto, considered the father of broadcasting in the country.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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