Minister of the Environment announces the renegotiation of the Mariana agreement

The Minister of the Environment (MMA), Joaquim Leite, reaffirmed that the renegotiation of the agreement to compensate for the environmental and economic damage resulting from the rupture of the Mariana (MG) dam, which took place in November 2015, which took place in November 2015, is in the final negotiation phase. main measures are the creation of two funds.

One of the funds will have a state character and will be maintained by the governments of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo. The focus will be on infrastructure, especially basic sanitation: water, sewage, solid waste and urban drainage.

The other fund will be federal – the Rio Doce Empreendedor Fund, coordinated by the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) – and will be aimed at promoting green entrepreneurship in the region, with zero interest and payment terms and grace periods much longer than the market. . The focus will be on economic development. Caixa will also work with a focus on micro and small entrepreneurs in projects to pay for environmental services, waste treatment and recycling, carbon credits, clean energy, green hydrogen and bioeconomy.

According to the minister, the meetings take place at the National Observatory on Environmental, Economic and Social Issues of High Complexity and Great Impact and Repercussion of the National Council of Justice (CNJ). Leite assured that the negotiations are going well and the proposal by the companies Samarco, Vale and BHP Billiton brings extra resources in “very significant amounts” – billions of reais – and in disbursement terms that meet the minimum requirements. Conditions that have been accepted by the federal government and that are only awaiting confirmation from the states and their attorneys and defenders. “We are in the process of concluding this renegotiation to bring effective values ​​and change the reality of that region”, said the minister in an interview with Brazil Communication Company (EBC).

According to Joaquim Leite, the situation is still critical along the length of 700 kilometers (km) of the Rio Doce. Many victims have not returned to their homes and still do not receive compensation for damages, fish remain contaminated, and the economy remains totally weakened. “I think we have to look a lot at those affected, the fishermen, at all that economic activity that existed and that was affected by this tragedy and, in some way, make the necessary repairs in relation, especially, to the environment, but a relevant monetary compensation to change this entire region and create a new economy in the region”, he said in the interview with the program. According to him, the negotiations are heading towards their final stretch, seeking to make this the “biggest environmental agreement in the world”.

G20 meeting

Joaquim Leite also addressed the meeting of Ministers of the Environment on energy and climate sustainability of the G20, a group formed by the largest economies in the world. According to him, one of the main results is the definition of a standardization structure for carbon credits for native forests. “Brazil has a characteristic of taking advantage of and being able to export this credit. So it was very important for us to start designing this global market.” He said that Brazil is closing bilateral agreements with several countries in this regard.

According to him, Brazil demands more resources from developed countries, financing transfers and technology transfer “for us to create a new green economy”. He also spoke about the potential for generating Brazilian energy, especially wind and solar and biomass, with these three expected to quintuple their production.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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