Minister guarantees resources for solid waste management projects

The Minister of Regional Development, Daniel Ferreira, said today (25) that the ministry has funds to help states and municipalities to jointly develop regional projects for sustainable and integrated urban solid waste management.

“We have a new fund, with R$ 800 million, to structure projects. We are finishing hiring the administrator and we are going to open public notices to make resources available for states and municipalities to structure their projects and take them to auction”, said Ferreira when participating, this afternoon, in Itacaré (BA), in the closing ceremony of the so-called Itariri Dump. .

Created to function as a sanitary landfill, the area ended up becoming a dump due to the lack of proper management. The site worked for about 30 years in the tourist city on the south coast of Bahia, in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, receiving about 30 tons of untreated waste per day.

A technical cooperation agreement signed by the Ministry of Regional Development and the municipality of Itacaré made it possible to announce the deactivation of the dump. The initiative also had the support of the ProteGEEr technical cooperation project – an initiative that involves the Ministries of Regional Development and Environment and the German Agency for International Cooperation (Giz).

According to the Ministry of Regional Development, the closing of the Itariri Dump is a reflection of the approval, in 2020, of the New Legal Framework for Sanitation (Law no. similar, where solid waste is thrown irregularly and inappropriately.

The first dump to be deactivated in the Atlantic Forest after the law was passed, the case of Itacaré ended up becoming an example that the ministry intends to reproduce in other locations. “We are starting work [de erradicar os lixões] along the coast of Bahia. We are going to extend this support to municipalities in Ceará and we are already talking to managers in Pará to deactivate dumps in the middle of the Amazon forest”, said Ferreira, who defends the model of regional consortia.

“The public consortium for solid waste management is ideal. This is what was done in Minas Gerais, where we have a consortium of nine municipalities. One of them, Uberaba, a large municipality. Another, Campo Florido. [Nos consórcios]while a large municipality makes the business more attractive to the private sector, [a presença do] small municipality contributes to lowering the tariff that users pay, as less waste is generated in it and, therefore, the average amount [de resíduos] generated by the consortium is smaller”, explained the minister.

Social Investment

The closing of the Itariri dump ended up included in a broader action, christened by the Itacaré City Hall as Projeto Lixão Não Mais. With federal support and German technical advice, a transshipment station and a solid waste sorting center were built, which opened today.

According to the Ministry of Regional Development, after identifying the extent of the damage that the inadequate disposal of waste caused to the 5-hectare area, as well as any damage to water, flora, public health and local tourism, the technicians prepared a plan to recover the degraded area, which includes the expansion of selective collection and the recovery of the site.

Families who lived off the sale of recyclable material collected in the garbage were brought together in a duly registered association and received productive training. “The prospects are the best possible. Just closing the dump is a positive point”, highlighted Mayor Antônio de Anízio, adding that the City Council has already approved a monthly allowance of R$ 700 for each registered collector, who will also receive a basic food basket.

“With the expansion of selective collection, all [lucro obtido com] the material sold will be theirs”, said Anízio, who highlighted the need not to allow the place to be transformed into a dump again in the future. “The mere fact of closing it is already a positive point, but we need to be careful not to happen what has already happened. So, our mission is to leave the laws all tidy so that any manager, in the future, has the obligation to continue this program.”

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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