Cena Instrumental celebrates João Donato with an unprecedented and exclusive show

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To honor the musician João Donato, who turned 88 last Wednesday (17), the TV Brazil presents an unprecedented and exclusive show by the artist on the program Cena Instrumental this Saturday (20), at 11:15 pm. With testimonials and performances by the veteran, the attraction is available on the TV Brazil Play app.

João Donato exudes talent and enthusiasm for the show in the historic studio 3 of the public broadcaster, in Rio de Janeiro, with the tracks from the award-winning album Sambolero (2008). On stage, the celebrated guest is joined by legendary partners: drummer Robertinho Silva and bassist Luiz Alves.

With a youthful vigor, the members of João Donato Trio interpret hits in the special presented by Bia Aparecida. A remarkable record in the artist’s work, the project won the Latin Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album in 2010. The work marks the first victory of a Brazilian in the category.

In full activity, the experienced pianist, composer, singer and instrumentalist is excited about his artistic production that moves the music market. Recently, at the beginning of the month, João Donato launched the new project on digital platforms Serotonin.

The artist presents the public with reflections on his life and work. “Bringing joy wherever you go is a very beautiful mission”, says João Donato, who completes the reasoning. “Hearing a song that delights us… Being happy and content is the big secret”, evaluates the bamba who still tells stories of his childhood.

Ability to merge references

on the small screen of TV Brazil, the star highlights some of the main works of authorship from the vast catalog of his discography. the revered album Sambolero brings together classics composed by João Donato with great personalities of national music.

João Donato at Cena Instrumental

The repertoire includes the songs banana tree, amazon, Sea breeze, the frog, Common place, I was born to dance, It’s a girl and samba, samba, among others. The exciting presentation exclusively for the public channel rescues the sound that marks the harmony of the finely tuned trio.

The intimate show reviews an important passage in João Donato’s consecrated career. The album is a historical record of the pianist’s more than three decades on the road, together with Robertinho Silva on drums and Luiz Alves on double bass. Sambolero it was the first studio project bringing together the three artists.

The complicity of the trio in action is clear. The public checks this relationship by watching the interpretation and following João Donato’s interview. “It’s difficult to talk about them. The coexistence of forty, fifty years. We already know what to touch in a simple look. This is good because it reflects the music”, he says.

João Donato at Cena Instrumental

In the long trajectory of interaction, the musicians demonstrate their virtuosity in a performance that walks with lightness through different musical genres. The show reveals João Donato’s very particular way of combining references from bossa nova to jazz, including samba and bolero, with his rare and skillful performance.

about production

Admired in the country and abroad, instrumental music gains a window to the public in TV Brazil during the program instrumental scene, production presented by journalist and singer Bia Aparecida on the small screen of the public channel.

O instrumental scene seeks to broaden the horizons of music on open television by showing all the inventiveness, potency and creativity of this style that is not tied to genres or labels.

Jazz, rock, blues, regional, frevo, baião, choro and ballads are some of the sounds performed with freedom and improvisation that attest to the virtuosity of the guests.

Airing on Saturdays at 11:15 pm, the program features renowned personalities and also new generation artists who, even with little time on the road, are already standing out in the music scene.

With the direction of Maíra de Assis in its third season, Cena Instrumental still brings exclusive testimonials from guests. These excerpts deepen the audience’s experience with the universe of rich Brazilian instrumental music.

Live and on demand

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instrumental scene – Saturday, 8/20, at 11:15 pm, at TV Brazil

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Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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