Sofia Manzano sees agrarian reform as a solution to social inequality

The PCB presidential candidate, Sofia Manzano, defended agrarian reform today (18) as a way to fight hunger, poverty and social inequality in the country. According to her, Brazil has the contradiction of being the largest producer of grains in the world, breaking productivity records in the countryside, but still having part of the population facing lack of food.

Brazil is the largest grain producer in the world and breaks productivity records. At the same time, we return to the map of hunger and misery affecting thousands of Brazilian families. This is because the country is one of the countries with the highest concentration of land in the world, the largest landowning country on the planet,” he said.

The candidate also criticized the Brazilian agribusiness production model. “Latifundia are at the base of agribusiness, which generates few jobs, produces goods for export, encourages violence in the countryside, poisons the environment and workers and does not generate food for the population”. Manzano also added that her slate defends social movements fighting for agrarian reform.

The candidate fulfilled an internal agenda today. She gave an interview in the morning to the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo. In the afternoon, she recorded videos for the campaign. An evening trip to Rio de Janeiro is planned.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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