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“For a long time I thought that absence is a lack.

And I regretted, ignorantly, the lack.

I don’t regret it today.

There is no shortage in absence.

The absence is a being in me (…)”.

the absence of Carlos Drummond de Andrade (1902 – 1987), 35 years ago, is, as he wrote, a being present. I live and illuminate Brazilian culture. The renowned author from Minas Gerais from Itabira left a legacy of 50 books of poetry, chronicles, short stories and essays that made him one of the main writers in the history of Brazil.

To read, see and even hear the writer’s works and perspectives, the Brazil Communication Company (EBC) has contents that are true relics, as is the case of an interview he gave to Maria Muniz, in the 1950s, which was made public now in 2022. In the interview, he recites poems such as Poema das Sete Faces, Confidência do Itabirano, Infância, Caso do Vestido, O Mito, Caso Pluvioso, Disappearance of Luísa Porto, Pombo-Correio, and Song of the Ghost Girl of Belo Horizonte.

In Infância, for example, listen to Drummond declaiming: “(…) Far away my father used to camp / in the endless bush of the farm. / And I didn’t know that my story / was more beautiful than Robinson Crusoe’s”.

Listen to a rare interview with Carlos Drummond de Andrade above

The poet on the radio

Carlos Drummond de Andrade was part of the life of Radio MEC since 1936, when he attended the donation ceremony for the frequency of Radio Society, by Roquette-Pinto, for the public power. In 1954, broadcaster Lya Cavalcanti listened to Drummond and the content generated a series that features narration, for example, by actor Paulo César Pereio and actress Conceição Rios.

The records also show that Drummond acted in the Radio MEC, station where he was a writer and columnist in the 1960s.

Also check out special editions published in the 1990s and also in 2015 at MEC FM antenna (when it had the participation of the writer’s grandson, Pedro Drummond).

Check out stories, poems and programs about Carlos Drummond de Andrade above

In 2020, the writer Adalgisa Campos da Silva published a book with letters she exchanged with Drummond. In an interview with the program Art Clubshe said that she felt so close to the poet that one day she decided to write for Brazilian newspaper where he published a column. The translator says that, to her surprise, the author replied and a friendship was born there via the Post Office.

“I liked him a lot as a poet, but the column brought him even closer. Then one day I read a poem he wrote in the column that was an appeal for peace. I was very touched.” There began a cordial relationship between author and reader. “He always answered me. In fact, in the last letter he sent me, he signed it as ‘my squire Drummond’.

Listen to the interview below

Writer explains that Drummond was cordial with readers

See Drummond

At TV Brazilthe author’s work was honored 10 years ago in the From There To Here. Among the interviewees, who explain how the author is unique, were professor Eucanaã Ferraz, a researcher of Brazilian literature at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), the poet and editor of Cosac Naify, Carlito Azevedo, the poet Armando Freitas Filho and the poet Claudia Roquette-Pinto.

The program highlighted the influence of the 1922 modernists on Drummond’s work. The interviewees identify that the writer produced simple and at the same time grandiose poetry.

Check out the full program below.

Check here the complete inventory of the work of Carlos Drummond de Andrade, produced by Casa de Rui Barbosa / Ministry of Culture

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August 14th to 20th, 2022


Death of the musician, conductor and composer from Rio de Janeiro, Anacleto de Medeiros (115 years old)

Pollution Combat Day – date of publication of Decree-Law No. 1413 of August 14, 1975, which determined, for the first time in the country, mechanisms to control industrial pollution


Death of flutist from Rio de Janeiro, Altamiro Aquino Carrilho (10 years old)

Death of Belgian surrealist painter René François Ghislain Magritte (55 years old)


Death of American singer Elvis Presley (45 years old)

Death of Rio de Janeiro singer Zezé Fonseca (60 years old) – worked at Rádio Nacional

Death of American jazz drummer Max Roach (age 15)

Protesters take to the streets across Brazil to demand the departure of President Fernando Collor (25 years old)


“Birth of three-time Formula-1 champion Nelson Piquet (70 years old)”

Death of Minas Gerais poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade (35 years old)

Birth of singer Mirosmar José de Camargo, known as Zezé di Camargo (60 years old)

Birth of São Paulo actress Georgia Gomide (85 years old)

Birth of Jamaican businessman and political activist Marcus Garvey (135 years old) – creator of the Universal Association for Black Progress, icon of Pan-Africanism and seen as a prophet by the Rastafarian movement

Publication of the novel Tieta do Agreste by the Bahian writer Jorge Amado (45 years old)

National Historic Heritage Day – date in honor of the birth of Rodrigo Melo Franco de Andrade, the first president of the National Historic and Artistic Heritage Institute (Iphan)


Born of São Paulo actor Osmar Prado (75 years old)

Death of Mongol Emperor Genghis Khan (795 years old)

Death of São Paulo composer Eduardo Souto (80 years old)


World Photography Day – celebrated to mark the date on August 19, 1849, when the Daguerreotype, an invention by French researcher Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre, was announced to the world at the French Academy of Sciences in Paris

National Historian Day – celebrated by Brazilians, according to Law Nº 12,130 OF December 17, 2009, to mark the birth date of the Brazilian diplomat, politician, journalist, historian and writer, Joaquim Aurélio Barreto Nabuco de Araújo, who came into the world in August 19, 1849, and who, despite having been educated by a slave-owning family, chose to fight in favor of the slaves of Brazil

National Cyclist Day – unofficially commemorated in Brazil, to mark the date of the death of Brazilian environmentalist, biologist and cyclist, Pedro Davison, which took place on August 19, 2006, after he was run over by a drunk driver while pedaling in the middle of the Road Axis of the Brazilian city of Brasília-DF

World Humanitarian Day – commemoration instituted by the 63rd UN General Assembly in Resolution A-63-L.49 of December 11, 2008, in tribute to the approximately 100 humanitarian service providers who were fatally victimized in service per year in the first decade of the 21st century, and to mark the date of the August 19, 2003 bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq


Birth of American singer and songwriter Isaac Hayes (80 years old) – great name in Soul Music

Birth of São Paulo poet and translator Décio Pignatari (95 years old)

Launch of the robotic spacecraft Voyager 2 (45 years old)

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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