São Paulo records low temperature records

The Climate Emergency Management Center of São Paulo (CGE) recorded yesterday (11) the lowest average maximum of the São Paulo winter since the beginning of measurements in 2004, with a temperature of 16.6°C. Since the beginning of the week, the Civil Defense has been on alert for low temperatures.

São Paulo also reached yesterday the lowest average minimum temperature in winter, with 9.7°C, especially in the region of Parelheiros, in the south zone, where the average reached 8.6°C.

According to the CGE, the extratropical cyclone, which caused climate change and wind during the week, moved away from the coast of São Paulo, causing the temperature to gradually rise during the afternoons, although the early mornings remain freezing until the weekend.

During Saturday, the sun predominates between few clouds, and the temperature reaches 23°C. During the night, with a cloudy sky, the temperature should register 10°C.

Father’s Day, on Sunday (14), will have stable weather and no rain forecast.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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