PF makes operation against fraud in emergency aid in the state of SP

The Federal Police (PF) launched an operation this Thursday (11) against a criminal group that defrauds Emergency Aid. Named Operation Vida Fácil V, the action this morning fulfills two search and seizure warrants in the cities of Penápolis (SP) and Turiúba (SP).

The defendants falsified documents and used third-party data to make contracts with telephone companies, open bank accounts, make payments via slips and carry out illicit banking transactions with the aid.

Investigations began in July 2021. Suspects may have received at least 20 Emergency Aid bills. The warrants were granted by the Federal Court in Araçatuba (SP).

According to the PF, the investigation continues with the analysis of the seized materials. Those involved may be held responsible for the crime of qualified theft, which generates imprisonment from two to eight years and a fine.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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