Rio Justice keeps Rogério Andrade and son in prison

The Justice of Rio maintained the preventive detention of the offender Rogério Andrade and his son, Gustavo Andrade, in custody hearings held this Friday (5).

At the custody hearing that decided to maintain Rogério de Andrade’s preventive detention, Judge Rafael Rezende wrote that a possible request for revocation of the arrest must be addressed to the judgment of the 1st Specialized Criminal Court of the Capital, which decreed the offender’s arrest.

“The arrest warrant was regularly issued and is within the validity period, and there is no news that the decision was later changed by the natural court or in appeal. Consequently, the decision of the natural judgment must be upheld on its own grounds. Any request for revocation of arrest must be addressed to the natural court”, wrote Rezende.

At Gustavo Andrade’s custody hearing, Judge Alex Quaresma Ravache denied the defendant’s defense request, which requested the release of the offender’s son as he considered the arrest decreed illegal.

“As the prison act and the arrest warrant are regular in the specific case, the defensive claim must be addressed to the natural judge or the competent appellate body. In view of the foregoing, I reject the defensive request, which may be reconsidered at the discretion of the natural judge,” wrote Ravache.


Rogério and Gustavo were arrested, on Thursday (4), in a condominium in Itaipava, district of Petrópolis, in the mountain region of Rio, during an operation promoted by the Special Group of Action in Combating Organized Crime of the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro ( Gaeco). Gustavo, arrested in the morning, had been on the run since his preventive detention in May, during Operation Caligula, launched by the Public Ministry.

Rogério de Andrade was by his son’s side and was not arrested due to the decision of the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Kassio Nunes Marques, who, on August 1, revoked the offender’s preventive detention. However, after an inspection of the house, the investigators claimed to have found new evidence against Rogério, motivating a new request for preventive detention, which was accepted by the Justice. As a result, he was arrested again.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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