RN bet takes R$ 5.5 million prize from Mega-Sena

A bet made in Mossoró (RN) hit the six dozen of the 2,507 Mega-Sena Contest this Thursday (4th) and will receive R$ 5.5 million. The draw took place tonight at Espaço Loterias CAIXA, at Tietê Bus Terminal, in São Paulo. The tens drawn were: 04 – 06 – 12 – 34 – 35 – 53.

The winning bet, a simple bet by Teimosinha (when the player chooses the numbers and repeats the game for at least three draws, was made at Lotérica A Zebra.

The corner had 47 winning bets and each one will take BRL 38,165.32 and the court had 3,385 winning bets, with prizes of BRL 757.02.

In the next contest, with a draw on Saturday (6), the estimated prize is R$ 3 million.

Bets for the contests can be placed until 7 pm at lottery houses, on the Loterias CAIXA portal and on the Loterias CAIXA app. Bank customers can use CAIXA Internet Banking.

The value of a single bet on Mega-Sena is R$ 4.50.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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