Brazil creates almost 278 thousand formal jobs in June

Brazil ended the month of June with a balance of 277,944 formal jobs (with a formal contract), according to the balance of the General Register of Employed and Unemployed (Novo Caged) presented today (28) by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The June balance resulted from 1,898,876 new hires and 1,620,932 dismissals.

The total stock of CLT workers increased by 0.67% in relation to the result of May this year, from 41,729,858 to 42,013,146.

In the national average, the starting salaries paid to those who were admitted to a new job in May was R$ 1,922.77. Compared to the previous month, there was a real increase of R$ 12.99 in the average admission salary, a variation of around 0.68%.

In the year, a balance of 1,334,791 jobs was recorded, resulting from 11,633,347 admissions and 10,298,556 dismissals (with adjustments until June 2022).

During a press conference to present the June data, the Minister of Labor and Pensions, José Carlos Oliveira, said that the result for the year is already close to the goal set by the government for 2022.

“We had set a goal in January to have around 1.5 million new jobs created by the end of the year. In six months we have almost that number. So it is possible for us to dream that at the end of the year we will have an extremely positive result”, he said. “As a rule, in the second half of each year there is a heating up in the creation of new jobs. So I do understand that we can be optimistic and we will reach a significant number by the end of 2022,” he added.


The figures show that, in the month of June, the five groups of economic activities had a positive balance, with emphasis on the services sector, with the generation of 124,534 new formal jobs, distributed mainly in information, communication and financial activities. , real estate and administrative (65,827 posts).

Commerce closed the month with 47,176 new jobs, General Industry created 41,517 jobs, especially concentrated in the manufacturing industry, which generated 37,986 jobs. Next come the agriculture, livestock, forestry, fishing and aquaculture sectors, which generated 34,460 jobs. Construction ended the month with 30,257 new jobs.

Intermittent and part-time work

In June, Novo Caged registered 23,483 admissions and 16,093 dismissals in the form of intermittent work, generating a balance of 7,390 jobs created.

During the month, 5,640 contracting establishments and 242 employees signed more than one contract as part-time workers.

Regarding part-time work, 19,040 admissions and 16,398 dismissals were recorded, a balance of 2,642 jobs. 8,773 contracting establishments were registered and 48 employees signed more than one contract on a part-time basis.


In June, the 27 federative units closed the month with a positive balance of jobs. The highlights are: São Paulo, with 80,267 service stations; Minas Gerais, with 31,092; and Rio de Janeiro, with 22,922 stations.

The states with the lowest registered balance were Amapá, which had a positive balance of 869 stations; then come Sergipe and Roraima, which had a positive balance of 848 and 529, respectively.

Among the regions, the Southeast closed February with 137,228 new jobs. Next comes the Northeast, with 52,122 posts; Midwest, 34,263 stations; the South, with 31,774 posts; and the North Region, with 21,780 stations.

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Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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