Itamaraty instructs Brazilian ambassador to return to Kiev

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The Itamaraty instructed the Brazilian ambassador Norton de Andrade Mello Rapesta to return to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, where the Brazilian embassy in the country is located. Rapesta and part of the diplomatic team left the city in early March, due to Russia’s military offensive against Ukraine.

In a note released this Tuesday (26), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it remains attentive to the evolution of what it classified as a “conflict” between the two Eastern European countries. The Itamaraty also guarantees that it is ready to resume any emergency measures to assist Brazilians in the region and reinforces the recommendation to avoid entering Ukrainian territory.

After leaving Kiev, Rapesta and part of the embassy team moved to Lviv, a city about 500 kilometers away from the capital, close to the Polish border, and where a consular service post was set up to assist Brazilians leaving the Ukraine.

Another three temporary posts were installed in the cities of Chernivtsi (Ukraine), Chisinau (Moldova), Kosice (Slovakia) and closed after the withdrawal from the region of all Brazilians who expressed a desire to leave Ukraine. According to the ministry, the Brazilian embassy in Kiev remained open throughout this time.

Since March, Itamaraty claims to have served around 250 Brazilians in the region, especially helping with the issuance of documents and crossing the border.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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