São Paulo court suspends operation of skydiving school

The Justice of São Paulo determined, in an injunction, the immediate ban on the operation of the WOW skydiving school, in the municipality of Boituva, in the interior of the state. The decision will take until the Justice has access to the expert report on the death of a 38-year-old school student, who fell on the roof of a house after a jump on the 19th.

In addition, the injunction prohibits flights in urban areas of the municipality. According to the decision, the ban was motivated by indications that skydiving students are allowed to jump, including over urban areas. If schools do not comply with the decision, a daily fine of R$ 50,000 is imposed.

The purpose of the determination is to prevent people, things, objects and planes from falling on people and shit and to protect the health of citizens, offering more safety to all.

“For reasons of safety of air navigation or in the public interest, it is possible to establish zones in which air traffic is prohibited or restricted, establish entry or exit routes, suspend all or part of traffic, as well as the use of a certain aircraft, or the performance of certain air services”, said judge Ana Cristina Paz Neri Vignola.

In a statement, the Brazilian Parachuting Confederation (CBPq) regrets what happened to student Andrius Jamaico Pantaleão, offers solidarity to the family and the club and is willing to assist in whatever is necessary to collect information and analyze the causes of the accident.

“The CBPq and the CNP [Centro Nacional de Paraquedismo] are deeply saddened by the latest skydiving accidents in Brazil. However, we never tire of working towards safer skydiving for all our athletes”, says the note.

According to the president of the confederation, Uellinton Mendes de Jesus, even before the court’s ban, the activities of the skydiving school to which Andrius belonged had already been suspended, according to the protocol of the CBPq itself for this type of situation, until the production of the report by the expertise. “Our sporting code already establishes this in case of accidents,” he said.

This year, there had already been two accidents with deaths related to skydiving in the city. In one of them, on April 24, the victim was an army sergeant. According to Mendes, the sergeant was an experienced athlete, but CBPq investigations concluded that she skipped steps in using the equipment. “Then [ao acidente]we did awareness-raising work,” said Mendes.

The city hall of Boituva reinforced that the sergeant was a high-performance athlete and highlighted that the investigations showed that she was using equipment outside the CBPq standards.

The other accident took place on May 12, after the take-off of an aircraft from the National Parachuting Center, which had to make a forced landing on land in the countryside near the CNP. The plane had 16 people (15 athletes and the pilot). Twelve people were rescued, but two could not resist. The causes are still under investigation, according to information from the city of Boituva.

At the time, the company responsible for the aircraft stated that the plane had a maximum capacity for 15 paratroopers and had all the maintenance routines in accordance with the rules and regulations of the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac).

The city hall also informed that the municipality of Boituva is the place where the largest number of jumps in the world take place. In the first half of this year alone, for example, more than 80,000 jumps were recorded. “It is also noteworthy that, in more than 50 years of skydiving in Boituva, there has never been this type of intercurrence”, added the city hall.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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