Federal Police crack down on cigarette smuggling crime

The Federal Police launched today (26) an operation to deepen investigations and dismantle a criminal organization specialized in the smuggling of cigarettes from Paraguay. During Operation Debugger, four search and seizure warrants were executed, three in Indaiatuba and one in Sorocaba, both in the interior of São Paulo.

According to the PF, the investigated would have constituted a criminal organization with the objective of clandestinely introducing into the country, through the Guaíra border, in Paraná, cigarettes smuggled from the neighboring country, which would be marketed in the regions of Campinas and Sorocaba.

“There are also indications of the participation of public servants in the criminal organization, who would receive money not to reprimand the entry of cigarettes into the country, as well as to facilitate the transport of the merchandise to the destination”, said the PF.

Those involved may answer for the crimes of smuggling and criminal organization, whose combined sentences can reach 18 years in prison.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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