Treasury Direct sales exceed redemptions by BRL 1.53 billion

In the month of June, sales of Treasury Direct bonds exceeded redemptions by R$ 1.53 billion, according to a balance sheet released today (26) by the National Treasury.

Investments in the program reached R$ 3.67 billion in the period, while redemptions totaled R$ 2.13 billion. Investments of up to R$ 1 thousand represented 60.48% of investment operations in the month. The average value per transaction was R$6,195.

The securities most sought after by investors were those adjusted by the basic interest rate, the Selic (Treasury Selic), which corresponded to 55.31% of the total. In June, these securities totaled R$ 2.03 billion in sales.

Securities linked to inflation, as measured by the Broad National Consumer Price Index (IPCA), corresponded to 31.76% of sales, totaling R$ 1.16 billion.

Fixed rate bonds, with interest defined at the time of issuance, had a share of 12.92%, totaling R$ 473.99 million in sales.

Securities indexed to the Selic also led in early redemptions, totaling R$1.19 billion, representing 55.57% of total repurchases.

Securities remunerated by IPCA (Treasury IPCA+, Treasury IPCA+ with Semiannual Interest and Treasury IGPM+ with Semiannual Interest) totaled R$ 613.03 million, representing 28.72% of the bonds.

Fixed rate bonds closed June with R$ 335.32 million, corresponding to 15.71% of repurchases.

As for the term, the largest share of sales was concentrated in bonds maturing between one and five years, which reached 76.48% of the total. Investments in bonds maturing over ten years accounted for 19.84%, while bonds maturing in five to ten years accounted for 3.68% of the total.

According to the Treasury, in June 2022, the Treasury Direct stock closed at R$94.07 billion, an increase of 2.6% compared to the previous month, when it stood at R$91.69 billion.

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From Brazil, by EBC News

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