INSS starts paying July retirements and pensions

The National Institute of Social Security (INSS) started to pay, today (25), the retirement or pension for the month of July for beneficiaries who receive the corresponding to a minimum wage (R$ 1,212.00) and whose card number of beneficiary ends with the number 1 – disregarding the check digit, that is, the last number after the dash.

According to the pay table previously released by the institute, the benefits of a minimum wage will be paid in the next two weeks, until August 5, according to the beneficiary’s card number. Already the benefits of those who receive above the national floor will be released between the 1st and 5th of August, according to the order provided in the table.

INSS benefit payment schedule in 2022

INSS benefit payment schedule in 2022 – Disclosure / INSS

More than 36.4 million policyholders are entitled to some benefit paid by the INSS. In addition to retirement and pensions, the amounts paid as sick pay or prison aid cannot be less than the minimum wage.

In order to know the correct day of payment by consulting the institute’s table, the insured person needs to check his benefit number, composed of a set of ten digits (for example, 111.111.112-1). Its number is the penultimate one, or, in the case of the example, the 2. With this information, it is necessary to consult the table, paying attention to whether the value of the benefit is a minimum wage or higher.

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