Ceará and Bahia lead complaints about fuel prices

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The Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP) released today (22) a survey of complaints on the channel created by the ministry to verify compliance with the decree that obliges gas stations to display the comparison of prices charged before and after the reduction of ICMS

Since last June 11, when the page went live, 569 complaints have been made. The state of Ceará is the champion of complaints, with 109 records, followed by Bahia with 74 complaints. São Paulo and Minas Gerais registered 64 and 42 complaints, respectively. The states with the fewest complaints are Roraima, with one record, Rondônia, with two, Amapá and Alagoas with four complaints each.

The channel remains open on the internet. “Through the form, citizens can report establishments that do not comply with the government decree, which determines that stations must clearly display the difference between the prices charged on June 22, 2022, before the ICMS reduction that applies on fuels, and the current values, so that consumers can compare”, said the Ministry of Justice, in a note.

To make a complaint, the consumer simply informs the name of the gas station, the location and if the establishment informs the difference in prices in a visible place. O link it also allows the citizen to send a photo of the denounced location.


The folder emphasizes that Decree No. 11,121/22 deals with the right of consumers to receive correct, clear, precise, ostensible and legible information about fuel prices in the national territory.

In this sense, on June 23, 2022, Complementary Law No. 194 was enacted, which now considers essential goods and services related to fuel, electricity, communications and public transport. This regulation limits the collection of the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) on fuels to the minimum rate of each state, which varies between 17% and 18%.

In order for the consumer to be able to perceive the reduction in fuel prices and demand that the tax relief received by the links in the production chain be passed on, another measure was proposed that deals with the dissemination of information to consumers regarding the prices of automotive fuels.

Decree No. 11,121 aims to ensure adequate and clear information about the different products and services, with the correct specification of quantity, characteristics, composition, quality, levied taxes and price, as well as the risks they present.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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