Brazil and Paraguay step up the fight against cross-border crimes

Brazil and Paraguay decided to join forces to fight cross-border organized crime. For the first time, the security forces of the two countries launched, in a coordinated way, the two already traditional repressive operations: the Brazilian Ágata and the Paraguayan Basalto.

The joint action was launched in the same week in which, at the initiative of Paraguay, representatives of seven member countries of the Forum for the Progress and Integration of South America (Prosul) approved a declaration reaffirming the joint commitment to increase regional initiatives to confront to transnational crimes.

During the opening of the 7th Meeting of Heads of State and Government and High Authorities of Prosur, yesterday (21), in the city of Luque, Paraguay, President Mário Abdo Benítez spoke about the importance of the initiative.

public bureaucracy

“We are doing important work. [com o Brazil], on the border to eradicate the illicit acts that have permeated our public bureaucracy for years,” he said. He stated that, in Paraguay and in several other countries, organized crime has become involved in different institutions and activities. “From politics to Congress, [passando por] business sectors. Unfortunately, organized crime is [a atividade] that more efficiently globalized. [Portanto]the fight against it has to be solidary and cooperative. [No Paraguai] We are firmly committed to eradicating the illicit acts that contaminate and destroy the morale of public bureaucracy,” he added.

About 4,000 Brazilian military personnel, in addition to employees of other federal, state and municipal bodies and agencies, participate in the actions that have been taking place in Brazilian territory since the last 18th. According to the Ministry of Defense, the objective of Operation Ágata Conjunta Oeste 2022 is to fight smuggling, drug trafficking, illegal mining and environmental crimes, especially in the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul.

On the Paraguayan side of the border, Operation Basalto is coordinated by the Internal Defense Operations Command (Codi) – a military body that brings together personnel from the Paraguayan Army, Navy and Air Force and which usually supports the actions of the National Anti-Drug Secretariat (Senad ) from the country.

The Paraguayan initiative also includes the participation of officials from the Ministry of the Interior, the National Police and the Interinstitutional Unit to Combat Contraband.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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