Resident dies in confrontation in the Alemão favela complex in Rio

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A resident identified as Letícia Marinho Salles, 50, died as a result of a confrontation between police and criminals during an integrated operation between the military and civil police in the Conjunto de Favelas do Alemão, in the north of Rio, this Thursday morning (21). ). According to relatives accompanying her, the car they were in was shot at by a police officer. At the time of the shooting, the vehicle was stopped at a traffic light after leaving the community.

Her boyfriend Denilson reported that after being hit, Letícia bent over to him who was beside her. Jaime Eduardo, Denílson’s cousin, was grazed in the neck. The family took Letícia to the Alemão Emergency Care Unit (UPA), but she could not resist and died.

“They shot a working woman who is killed by police unpreparedness,” said Jaime Eduardo in a video posted on social media by the community newspaper. Voice of Communities.

“And now what are you going to tell the family that is inside crying? What am I going to say to the daughter who is there crying? What am I going to say to the grandson who is there crying?”, completed Jaime.

The spokesman of the Military Police (PM), Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Blaz, informed that the case is being investigated by the Homicide Police. “The PM will contribute in everything necessary to elucidate this case”, he told the Brazil Agency.

In addition to the woman, two suspects and a military policeman died in the operation in the community. In a note, the Secretary of State for the Military Police regretted the death of Corporal Bruno de Paula Costa that occurred this morning.

“The military police officer was working and was injured when the Nova Brasília Pacifying Police Unit (UPP) base was attacked by criminals in retaliation for the operation taking place in Complexo do Alemão, in the North Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro. He was taken to the Getúlio Vargas State Hospital, however, he could not resist the wound”, he informed.

According to the secretary, the corporal was 38 years old and joined the corporation in 2014. Bruno de Paula was married and left two children with the autistic spectrum. “So far, we have no confirmation of the time and place of the burial.”

In protest of the operation, several bikers demonstrated at one of the entrances to the Conjunto de Favelas do Alemão. Their passage was barred by armed police.

Health Units

Also due to the confrontation in Alemão, according to the Municipal Health Department (SMS), the Zilda Arns and Rodrigo Roig Family Clinics, installed in the region; the Ana Maria Conceição dos Santos Correia Family Clinic, in the Juramento region and the Bibi Vogel and Herbert de Souza Family Clinics, the Rodolpho Rocco Polyclinic and the Ariadne Lopes De Menezes Municipal Health Center (CMS) in the Juramentinho region, “triggered the most secure access protocol and, for the safety of professionals and users, they are suspended on Thursday morning”.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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