Patient in prison is transferred to Bonsucesso Federal Hospital

Patient Daiana Chaves Cavalcanti, 35, who underwent surgery and was hospitalized at Hospital Santa Branca, in Duque de Caxias, in Baixada Fluminense, was transferred today (21) to Hospital Federal de Bonsucesso (HFB), in the north of the river.

Daiana was hospitalized in early June to undergo cosmetic procedures on the abdomen and breasts with plastic surgeon Bolívar Guerrero Silva, but after the surgery she began to have sequelae in the abdomen. She had been asking for the transfer of the private unit because she understood that she was in danger of death, with open wounds.

According to the press office of the Ministry of Health in Rio de Janeiro, the Bonsucesso Hospital is able to attend to Daiana. “The patient’s condition is compatible with the care capacity of the unit. According to the HFB protocol, she will be accompanied by a multidisciplinary team made up of professionals from the services of reconstructive plastic surgery, general surgery, ICU, psychology and social work”, he informed.

This Thursday, Daiana celebrated her departure from Santa Branca Hospital. “I’m leaving, guys. I am being transferred right now, at this very moment,” she reported in a video to which the Brazil Agency had access while being carried on a stretcher to the ambulance.

Lawyer Ornélio Mota, who is defending the patient, said that, although he had asked in court for the client to be transferred to a private Rede D’Or hospital, as he understood that it would have the capacity to deal with the medical complexity of the case, Daiana’s trip to the federal unit meets the expectation of leaving Santa Branca Hospital.

“We wanted her to get out of there. There is no structure there, and the Bonsucesso hospital, we understand that it has references and specialists in the area. Until proven otherwise, we understand that yes. We needed to get it out of there, not only because of what we saw, but because there was a medical report from a professional saying that there was no structure there”, he told in an interview with Brazil Agency.

According to the lawyer, this medical report was included in the petition that the defense made last week to the Justice to obtain authorization and transfer Diana to another hospital. She even claimed that she was going through false imprisonment.

Resource blocking

Yesterday (20) Judge Elizabeth Maria Saad, from the 5th Civil Court of Duque de Caxias, accepted the request of the defense of Daiana to block resources from the Santa Branca Hospital. In the decision, the magistrate determined the blocking of R$ 198 thousand to pay for the transfer and treatment of the patient.

Doctor Bolívar Guerrero Silva, who is Ecuadorian, was arrested on Monday (18) by police officers from the Duque de Caxias Women’s Office (Deam) on charges of keeping the patient in private prison.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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