Rapporteur recommends approval of the PEC on social assistance in the Chamber

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The opinion on the proposed amendment to the Constitution that provides for the payment of social benefits until the end of the year (PEC 1) was presented on the night of this fourthFriday (5th) in a special committee of the Chamber of Deputies.

The reading of the report by deputy Danilo Forte (União-CE) was carried out in the same commission that analyzes another proposal to amend the Constitution on tax incentives for biofuels (PEC 15/22). The meeting was tumultuous and continued until the early hours of this morning. fourththursday (6).

After reading the report, there was a request for a view so that the other parliamentarians could analyze the proposal for two more sessions. The commission meets again at ThursdayFriday (7), from 9 am, when the matter can be voted on.

no changes

In a press conference, Fortes ruled out changes to the text. According to the deputy, the idea is to accelerate the promulgation of the Planalto Palace proposal and, consequently, the payments of benefits. In practice, by avoiding modifying the text already approved in the Senate, the congressman speeds up the process by avoiding a new analysis by the senators.

“I will keep exactly [o texto do Senado] due to the urgency of voting. He added that he studied the possibility of including application drivers among those benefited by the PEC, but, due to the difficulty of mapping these professionals and how many more would be to serve, he changed his mind.

The rapporteur’s text is a substitute that consolidates the wording of the two PECs (15/22 and 1/22) without changing the merits already approved in the Senate. A state of emergency is planned in the country until December 31thjustified by the “extraordinary and unpredictable” rise in oil and fuel prices and their social impacts.

In practice, the measure allows the government to expand social benefits that would not be authorized in an election year. There is a forecast of Auxílio Brazil of R$ 600, assistance of R$ 1,000 for truck drivers, kitchen gas vouchers and reinforcement of the Alimenta Brazil program, in addition to extra resources for taxi drivers, financing of free public transport for the elderly and compensation for states that reduce the tax burden on biofuels. The impact of the measures is R$ 41.2 billion.

electoral interest

Opposition parties obstructed the commission’s activities to postpone the vote until after the parliamentary recess. The PT warned of the risk of judicialization of the vote under the argument of a reduced deadline for the presentation of amendments to the PEC.

After being analyzed in the special commission, the proposal goes to vote in the plenary of the Chamber. As it is a PEC proposal, the text needs to be approved by three-fifths of the deputies, corresponding to 308 favorable votes, in two voting rounds.

*With information from the Câmara de Notícias Agency

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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