Pernambuco accounts for 61,596 homeless people and 9,631 homeless

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A balance sheet recently released by the Pernambuco Civil Defense Executive Secretariat informs that there were no other incidents involving human damage in the last few hours, and that, according to information provided to the Operations Center, there are 61,596 homeless people in the state and 9,631 homeless, in 123 shelters in 31 municipalities.

According to a note released on Friday (3), 128 died as a result of the rains that devastated the state from May 25. Governor Paulo Câmara said he had ended the search for missing persons and declared three days of official mourning in the state. He also said that he will grant emergency aid of R$ 1,500 to families affected by the rains and a lifetime pension of a minimum wage to the dependents of fatal victims. To this end, he said he had already sent a bill for this purpose to the Legislative Assembly.

The total number of cities that declared an emergency situation due to the rains went from 34 to 37. According to a note released today (5), they are: Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Camaragibe, Goiana, Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Macaparana, Moreno, Nazaré da Mata, Olinda, Paudalho, Paulista, Recife, São José da Coroa Grande, São Vicente Ferrer, Timbaúba, Abreu e Lima, Araçoiaba, Igarassu, Aliança, Glória do Goitá, Vicência, Bom Jardim, Limoeiro, Passira, São Lourenço da Mata , Pigeons, Palmares, Sirinhaém, Lagoa do Carro, Tracunhaém, Chã Grande, Escada, João Alfredo, Chã de Alegria, Correntes, Água Preta, Itamaracá and Primavera.

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From Brazil, by EBC News

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