On the last day of Blue November, the Ministry of Health reinforces the importance of men taking care of themselves throughout their lives — Português (Brasil)


November is considered the month dedicated to awareness and prevention of prostate cancer, which is the second most common tumor among men (behind only non-melanoma skin cancer). This Wednesday (30), the last day of the month, the Ministry of Health reinforces the need to sensitize the male population about the importance of disease prevention in general and comprehensive health care at all stages of life.

Studies show that 70% of men only seek medical care because their family members demand it. In addition, more than half of these patients postpone going to health services and arrive with advanced-stage diseases.

“Historically, men do not take care of their own health and do not have these practices related to self-care. That is why we focus a lot on the axis of access to reception, to make this man feel part of the health service, usually the Basic Health Unit, where the first care begins, and seek this service”, points out Fernanda Bordalo, coordinator of Men’s Health of the Ministry of Health.

Preventive care begins in Primary Health Care, which is the gateway and the organizer of care in the Unified Health System (SUS). The Basic Health Units are services prepared to serve the population, with preventive care and health promotion. To provide more quality of life for the male population, the first step is prevention, with the incorporation of healthy habits and the inclusion of preventive actions in the daily routine.

The practice of regular physical activity, a balanced diet and the moderate use of alcoholic beverages are crucial to reducing these preventable diseases. In addition, prevention based on routine medical monitoring and early identification of diseases increase the chances of effective treatment. For this, some tests should be part of routine consultations:

  • Blood pressure measurement;
  • Monitoring of blood glucose and cholesterol rates;
  • Testing for sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B (HBsAg) and hepatitis C (anti-HCV).

In Basic Health Units spread across Brazil, men find information, care by multidisciplinary teams composed of doctors, nurses, dentists, among others, able to carry out the diagnosis and follow-up of this population in all life cycles. If there is a diagnosis of prostate cancer or another disease, the patient is referred to Specialized Care, where he will have access to specialist doctors, treatments and surgeries when necessary.

The Unified Health System (SUS) also offers, free of charge, clinical, laboratory, endoscopic and radiological examinations, in addition to surgical procedures and treatment in hospitals qualified in oncology. Among the exams are: prostate biopsy, prostate ultrasound via the abdomen, prostate ultrasound (transrectal via) and the dosage of prostate-specific antigen.

Prostate cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute (INCA), for 2023, more than 70,000 new cases of prostate cancer are expected. One way to increase the chances of curing the disease is early diagnosis. The SUS offers treatment in oncology-qualified hospitals, including clinical examinations, surgical procedures and treatments, as provided for in the National Policy for Cancer Prevention and Control (PNPCC).


In early November, the Ministry of Health carried out actions in football stadiums as a way to reach a greater number of men, since they gather a large male contingent. Actions were carried out in two games at Maracanã (RJ) and in a game at the Morumbi stadium (SP) to encourage health promotion and the prevention of diseases and injuries that affect the health of the male population.

Before the start of the game and during intervals, an educational video was shown to fans on the stadium’s screens about the importance of self-care, encouraging the search for health services for routine examinations and guidance on disease prevention. In addition, a banner with the theme of the Blue November 2022 campaign was displayed in the field to reinforce the importance of comprehensive care for men’s health during all months of the year.

Marco Guimaraes
Ministry of Health

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