Conitec opens registration for SUS managers — CMIO(Brazil)


The National Commission for the Incorporation of Technologies in the Unified Health System (Conitec), of the Ministry of Health, opened an opportunity for SUS managers to register to participate in the technology evaluation process through a form now available. The data must be filled in via the platform Participates + Brazil and will be compiled in a database of contacts so that professionals receive information about the opening of public calls and consultations, among other actions.

The proposal will also contribute to the identification of professionals who work in the public health system of state and municipal networks across the country. Participation is open to all SUS managers.

The initiative started two years ago, with the registration for patients and associations and evolved to the registration for specialists. The view of the various actors helps HTA to welcome and consider different perspectives.

Data compiled up to October 19 show that 761 people (patients, family members, caregivers, others) and 172 associations accessed the system and completed the registration. The Southeast region appears in greater numbers, both among associations and among registered patients. Currently, 300 different diseases have been mentioned, such as ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, glycogenosis, coagulopathies, myeloma, Pompe disease, among others.

From the participants’ point of view, for example, the experience with the use of a new medicine can expand the information compiled in technical reports consulted by Conitec. With specialists, reports of clinical practices can broaden the plenary’s understanding of the natural history of the disease and the impact of using or not using the technologies available to assist patients. The register of specialists already has 633 registered professionals.

social participation

Conitec’s Executive Secretariat develops other social participation actions, such as opening public consultations for society to send contributions on the technologies under evaluation, as well as the “Patient’s Perspective” space, which opens the opportunity for SUS users to report on the impact of these technologies on their daily lives.

Laura Fernandes
Ministry of Health

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