São Paulo court closes inquiry into death in election campaign

At the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Justice of São Paulo archived the police investigation that investigated the death of a man during a shooting in the community of Paraisópolis, in the south zone of São Paulo, which occurred during the campaign schedule of the then candidate for the government of São Paulo. Paulo Tarcisio de Freitas. The investigation was archived under the understanding that there was self-defense and strict compliance with legal duty.

On October 17 of last year, Tarcísio de Freitas was visiting the First University Campus of Paraisópolis when a shootout broke out, which killed Felipe Silva de Lima.

The investigation ran under secrecy. The police did not inform the Brazil Agency the results obtained from the police investigation, whether it was possible to identify where the shot that hit Felipe Silva de Lima came from and whether anyone was indicted for that death.

Initial investigations, however, indicated that the shooting took place after criminals suspected that there were officers without uniform in the community. Lima and another person, who were on a motorcycle, would have noticed the presence of plainclothes police officers monitoring the area. The police allegedly suspected that Lima and his friend were armed, and the shooting began.

“The main line [de investigação] it would be an eventual intimidation due to the presence of the military police who were discovered inside the community”, said, at the time, the director of the State Department of Homicide and Personal Protection, Elisabete Sato.

Initially, the police raised the possibility that the shot that hit Lima had been fired by one of the plainclothes officers. “We have a policeman from P2 [policial à paisana], who came forward and said he shot the victim. He is most likely the one who fired the shot. [que matou a vítima]but it is not possible to say because the shot that hit the victim was an entry and exit shot, and we do not have a projectile to compare the projectile with the weapon that was seized”, said Elisabete Sato, in an interview held in October last year.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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