Fear will not paralyze me, says threatened councilor

Elected state deputy for São Paulo, councilor from Araraquara (SP) Thainara Faria (PT-SP) thanked the messages of support received after she was threatened with death. 23) on Instagram.

However, at the demonstration, the councilwoman said she also received hate messages. “The legacy of Bolsonarism is still very much alive in people’s minds and hearts. We are living in a very hateful society.”

Last weekend, Thainara was in Brazilia for the 1st Meeting of LGBT+ voters. The parliamentarian said that she had to leave the capital escorted because she was threatened with death “with refinements of evil, racism and LGBTphobia”.

Thainara says that she will no longer be as active on social networks for security reasons, but that the fight continues. “We will continue to fight against racism, against LGBTphobia, against all the evils that are destroying society. We want a free country, free people to be happy, to work, to study”.

In a note, the PT expressed solidarity with the elected deputy. “Racist and LGBTphobic attacks are sad and unacceptable. You are not alone!”, says the note, adding that the situation cannot go unpunished.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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