Immigrants can use an application to enter the US-Mexico border

Immigrants seeking asylum at the US-Mexico border can now use a mobile app to schedule a time to approach a land entry point. The measure, confirmed by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on Thursday (12), is intended to reduce unauthorized crossings, but raises concerns about privacy and access.

The app, called CBP One, is available in English and Spanish and will allow migrants in central and northern Mexico to submit biographical information and a photo and request a meeting at one of eight border points in Texas, Arizona and California.

The US government had announced that it would expand the use of CBP One, giving asylum seekers direct access to enter their information, as a pre-screening step before an appointment. Launched in 2020, the app has already been used to allow people crossing legally at land ports of entry to submit data in advance and for non-governmental organizations to request humanitarian entry for migrants.

Joe Biden’s government sees the app as a more regulated and potentially faster alternative to crossing the border. But there is concern that asylum seekers will be required to submit personal information without guaranteeing entry and that some may not have access to a mobile phone or internet.

The launch of the app comes after Biden announced last week that his administration would expand restrictions under the covid-era Title 42 resolution to quickly expel Cubans, Haitians and Nicaraguans crossing the border back into Mexico, while opening up legal pathways. for those who have US sponsors and enter by air.

Biden, a Democrat who is seeking re-election in 2024, has been criticized by Republicans for what they see as permissive border policies amid record crossings.

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From Brazil, by EBC News

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