Rio swears in the first woman in the Public Defender’s Office

Public defender Patrícia Cardoso took office today (10) as Public Defender General of Rio de Janeiro. She is the first woman to lead the institution since its founding 68 years ago. She was elected by her colleagues in November last year, with 55.4% of the votes, and appointed by the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Claudio Castro, on December 16, for a 2-year term.

In her inauguration speech, she said that she intends to structure the women’s rights agenda and combat gender violence in society. “It is necessary and urgent that the debates about the role of women within the systems of power, which are predominantly male today, be brought to the day-to-day of a career that is predominantly female and which, therefore, has most of its staff formed by defenders, servants, residents and interns. Every minute of my tenure will be geared towards a gender perspective look,” she said.

She said that she intends to work in partnership with the state government to combat violence against women, as well as to continue the social guidelines that have been implemented in the agency in recent years.

“Our freedom of action, guaranteed by independence and autonomy, ensures us the possibility of defending the most vulnerable in any litigation. Against large, powerful economic groups and against the State itself,” he said.

The Public-General defender highlighted areas of action such as the centrality of human rights, the defense of women, education in rights, institutional articulation with other powers and attention to the interior of the state.

Patrícia Cardoso Maciel Tavares joined the state’s Public Defender’s Office in 1994 and has been head of the Consumer Defense Center (Nudecon) since 2011. Since October 2020, she has been the civil coordinator of the body.


The Public Defender who left office, Rodrigo Pacheco, began Patrícia’s inauguration ceremony by mentioning the acts of vandalism practiced by extremist supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro, who on Sunday (8) vandalized the Planalto Palace, Congress National and the Federal Supreme Court.

“We are obliged to make, in this ceremony, a celebration of democracy and a rejection of any coup, terrorist and anti-democratic act, whether it is a rejection of those who were in one of the saddest moments in our history or of those who, even though they are not, applaud and encourage such violence to Brazilian democracy. Democracy always and without amnesty for coup leaders, ”he said.

Patrícia also repudiated the acts in Brasília and read the note released on Sunday by the country’s general public defenders.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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